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It’s a Big One Tonight!

Originally published on 7th July 2012 on Dave’s personal blog.

I first picked up a bass guitar around about the age of 16. I even recorded a couple of songs with some lads from school. Mick Perry, Dhev Nair and Steve Isaacs where are you now? I had a few periods in a few groups, but it was all a long time ago. Last time I played in public, before Collibosher, must have been around 25 years ago or more.

There were two types of band I was in back in those days, the type that enjoyed what we did, but no-one wanted to hear it, and the type that could get bookings but our heart wasn’t really in it. With Collibosher,  it all feels different, it’s as though we can enjoy playing and people can enjoy listening. That’s a great feeling.


My brother, our lead singer, has got into the whole Mod thing, my memories of the sixties were that of growing up, and of a lot of pop music being fun. I didn’t know who were mods and who were rockers, and I liked and disliked music that was followed by either, both and none! But over the years, two albums have stayed at the top of my personal hit parade, others come and go, but “Ogdens Nut Gone Flake” (Small Faces) and the LP, at the time simply titled “The Yardbirds” but now referred to as “Roger The Engineer”  have always featured. I can’t hear them enough! The main interlopers being “Setting Sons” (The Jam) and, believe it or not, “A Song For You” (Carpenters). And of course, many greatest hits type albums, including The Kinks, The Animals, The Who, The Monkees, pop in there from time to time. But there are the same two that stay in there, regardless.


To get the chance to play in a band that plays most of my favourite stuff, be it Small Faces, Yardbirds, The Kinks, The Who, The Jam etc, is great. What’s more, being a “power-trio plus singer” band, the only way to cover these songs live is to play them hard, the way these bands had to in their early days. Our experience at Harlow, with a professional mixer working from offstage, and listening back to tapes made even on a handheld domestic recorder, shows us what we are capable of and the level we have to maintain and improve.

So, tonight is a big one for us. We love what we’re doing, we’re playing for the SANDS charity, it’s been organised by a SANDS supporter who also runs a Scooter club at the pub, so we ought to be playing to an audience into the same music we are. If we play well, I don’t expect stardom, not at my age, or even to give up my day job, but we will be able to play in public often enough to make it all worthwhile, and I want to do that for as long as it’s fun.

One comment on “It’s a Big One Tonight!

  1. Mark Spagnol
    27 November 2012

    Daves brother Mark ( & also lead vocals in Collibosher) would like to point out that despite his love of this music he is not nor has ever been a Mod!! He’s a skinhead!!

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