Putting the fun back into live music!

Made to feel very Welcome!

Our night at the Welcome club in Stanford-le-Hope was another good evening for us. Before we went on, we saw another group called Mr Bridger, their style is very much 70s mod revival, but they write their own material. When we got on, we had a few problems because of our inexperience in the sound check, I don’t think we’ve had to deal with individual foldbacks before, and when it came to play for real, neither Russ nor Chris could hear my bass, which led to some confusion. However, we got that sorted and the rest of the set went really well. We played Eton Rifles and You Really Got Me on to an audience for the first time. Mark got an extra cheer by informing the audience of his dislike of the current lot of Eton Rifles running the country! Another gig under our belt, some more experience of a sound mixing situation we’re not used to, it can only stand us in good stead!

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