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Mighty Great Night in Dartford

Originally posted on September 17th 2012:

The billing gave us a lot to live up to. Described as “The Mighty Collibosher” on the flyers for the occasion, that meant we had to be good or else. This was to be a tough examination, did we pass? Well it’s not for us to mark our own papers, the crowd was boisterous, noisy and seemed to love every minute of it. Yep we passed, with flying colours.

The Huffler’s Arms is quite a small pub on a dead-end part of Hythe Street in Dartford. The stage area was rather awkward, with us having to wire up speakers using a pillar, a ceiling beam etc because the toilets were off the side of the stage. It was a bugger to set up! The second bit of bad news was that we’d bought a pair of small speakers for foldback, and one of them was dead. But once we had set up, around 8-ish, we played Butterfly Collector for the soundcheck, and that was it – we were raring to go and it was a struggle to stay calm. 9pm approached and on we went.

This was a noisy crowd, and I think that if we were crap, we’d have known about it. As it happened we were getting roars of approval after most songs. As the first half drew to a close, we did The Purple Hearts’ “Frustration” which got them buzzing, and finished the set with “Tin Soldier”, the Small Faces classic.

This was only the second time we’d played this live, and we’d reason to be a little nervous but it was great to play and watch the audience respond. Songs featured for the first time were “Billy Hunt” and “Start!”. Once again we finished with the guitar-only That’s Entertainment with Mark singing lead (and forgetting the words) and Russ and Dave supplying backing vocals.

Thank you, all you Hufflers, you had us walking out of there feeling like giants!

Video Evidence: Page 1Page 2

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