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Weekend double header

So first off on Saturday evening to the Fiddlers Elbow. We hadn’t a clue how to get there, so Chris plugged in his SatNav. Should have known what to expect in the Goodmayes/Ilford area as the stupid thing tried to send us through some of the worst roads in the world. Of course we ignored it and drove up to the A12, so far so good. But once we got into town it was a disaster. It diverted us off Dalston Lane (the A104) through side turning laden with speed bumps only to bring us out onto the A104 further down (Balls Pond Road). It then took us right through to Highbury Corner and up Holloway Road just as the Arsenal stadium was emptying. Fortunately we’d left around 4, and so we just made it in time, around 6.

We had to do our Sound Check without a bass amp – the one supplied had a blown speaker! Dave’s BDI-21 pedal finally got to use its XLR output direct into the PA, he was pleased with that! Nice clean sound. By the time we got on, there was a bass stack, but we kept the settings for the PA and just used the bass amp to help with on-stage monitoring.

The on-stage sound was crisp and sharp and our playing rose to the occasion! Apart from Russ “Chicken-grease” Gladstone dropping his drumstick in the first song, we were pretty good even if self-praise is no recommendation. Our friends Thomas and Belinda Harman came to see us for the first time, and thanks to Tom for this video:


Sunday afternoon we played at the Cherry Tree to greet the Scooterboys from their Remembrance Day rideout. We played everything we knew! We were knackered at the end of it, but it’s a nice kind of knackered. A wonderful feeling!

Next up, back at the Cherry Tree, but in the evening. Saturday 24th November to be precise. Can’t wait!

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