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Great Night in Chelmsford

Last night we played the British Legion Club, Broomfield, Chelmsford. We were the last band on and after we arrived we caught the end of the first act Get-Go. They were good, a solid “power trio” playing 60-70s R&B with a singer-guitarist who bore more than a passing resemblance in voice and stature to Steve Marriott. It was always going to be a challenge following that, especially with a new drummer on his first outing for us.

They were followed by a heavy rock group, Full Mental Racket. They were very good musically too, but it made it easier for us, as there would be no comparisons between them and us, a totally different genre.

We got set up and waited, and waited … whilst the DJ carried on playing ska dance classics, we were wondering if they still wanted us. But at 10:30 we finally got to play our set. We needn’t have worried about comparisons. The audience liked us! We needn’t have worried about Jeff Moon’s drumming it was just the job. Dave had to change a few basslines to accommodate some of it, but generally this was for the better.

We had two songs that we were playing for the first time. Here Comes The Night and There’s A Ghost In My House. Judging by the audience reaction to them, these are great additions to have made to our set. The next plan will be to rehearse, with Jeff, the other songs that weren’t on the set last night. We are looking forward to being able to play a full night’s worth of music again. Collibosher is back!

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