Putting the fun back into live music!

What a weekend!

Sometimes you have weekends that are so full that you wonder where you got the energy from. For us, it’s easy, we like playing. So on Saturday, 29th June, we started off at the beer garden of The Britannia, Eastern Esplanade, Southend on Sea. We arrived at 12:30, and of course Jeff had brought his “kitchen sink” drum set. So we were ready to kick off around 2:30pm.

When we started, it was worryingly empty, but as the gig went on, people filed in, and by the time we got to the end, they were raving! A booking was made there and then, others were asking about us, we got something like 6 encores! The only bad news is that Dave’s bass amp blew during the second one. So the last few numbers were played with bass sharing the guitar amp, not ideal and not much bass! Not that the audience seemed to mind.

Beer Festival

When we finally tore ourselves away (and they weren’t making it easy) it was off to Billericay Football Club for a beer festival. Fortunately the “back line” was provided, we only had to provide Guitar, Bass and a snare drum. Just as well because we were very late – but still played an hour’s set which went down well.

On Sunday 30th we played, in the afternoon, in the beer garden at the Cherry Tree, Wood Lane, Dagenham (with a bass amp borrowed from Mr Moon Snr). It was a send-off for Kevin, a member of the Vespaholics scooter club who meet there, and a serving soldier, about to be ferried off to Aldershot in preparation for a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Another great afternoon, in the sun, finally ending with a couple of unrehearsed thrashes (Hurry up Harry, and The Who’s I Can’t Explain).

Great Weekend

It was a great weekend, despite the loss of a bass amp. The verdict on that was that the speakers had gone, shorting the output circuits and killing the whole amp. You can repair amps, but to replace the speakers would be like buying new. A new Bass Amp is on order, with the wonderful feature that it has a D-mode output, which requires less peaks in the electricity supply and subsequently a less powerful and thus lighter mains transformer. The amp weighs in at 35lb, whereas your average 250-350w bass amp would be more like 64lb. Dave is gonna love moving his amp without risking a hernia. Well be using Marcello’s (Estimators) bass amp at the Fiddlers Elbow but the new bass amp should be with us in time for the gig on 20th July.

We’re looking forward to playing support to The Estimators. Hopefully see some of you at Camden in the Fiddler’s Elbow on 6th July at 9. If you want a chat with us, get there a little earlier.

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