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Late start at Fiddlers Elbow

We eventually had a great time on Saturday, but it was touch and go at one point. The problem with being part-timers is that you have a day job. And in that life, you sometimes get opportunities maybe to get something better. So when Jeff got an offer which involved him going up to the Midlands on Saturday, off he went. Of course we got what he needed to the gig for him, and then we waited for him, and waited …. and waited ….

Sadly there had been a terrible accident on the M1 and the resulting traffic jam meant he was caught up in it. So he didn’t get to us until 10:20. Fortunately the drums had been set up, and we were straight in as soon as he’d answered a call of nature. We shortened our set to 30 minutes. But fears of disaster soon changed as the crowd, the Estimators’ crowd, not ours, seemed to warm to us and really enjoyed our set.

Then we got off the stage and handed over to The Estimators. They did what they do best! So eventually it became a great evening, even if at one point we didn’t think we’d be playing! Just goes to show.

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