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Our Big Day Out in Southend!

southend130803sAnother great day out for us. But a knackering one that’s for sure. It started at 10:30am at the Cherry Tree, getting the stuff into a van we’d managed to borrow for the day. About to pull away and it stalled. Jeff tried to restart it, and the immobiliser kicked in! And we couldn’t get going. We got into a panic, and we really thought we were stuck, but eventually we sorted it out. It’s a so-called “safety feature” – because the handbrake was off. Handbrake on, restart and off we go.

On the way, we also looked at a van to buy for the group but as it turned out there were a number of things wrong with it, which meant we wanted a few quid off the price… ok back onto the road and on our way to Southend.

The Britannia

We love this pub! So far we’ve played there twice and both times the reception has been stupendous. Due to the delays, and the time it takes to set up, we got off to a later start than advertised at 3pm, but that really wasn’t a bad thing, because, like last time, people were just beginning to arrive, and it got more crowded as it went on.

The only bad thing about the Britannia is that they work us too hard! We ended up having to do several encores which involved repeating a few songs! Eventually we had to say “no” because we had another gig  to get to. Because they had held us up, several of the customers helped us pack up, thanks guys!

Last time we played here, Dave’s bass amp packed in. This time was a serious test for the new one. Although rated at the same 250w as the old one, the perception is that it sounds louder, and throws further. Which is some achievement considering it weighs half as much! It’s about as heavy as a packed suitcase – which for a bass amp is quite an achievement. It sounds good too.

The EKCO Club

We kicked off there at 9pm. A few of our regular mates turned up, and another group of people at the back. Not as crowded as the Britannia but no less appreciative.

By the end of the night, we were knackered. We had to do a very short encore (Parklife). But we had a great day at the seaside. Southend has always been a place where good music has been played, going back to the sixties. Joe Brown, Procol Harum, Eddie and the Hot Rods, and the great Wilko Johnson and Dr Feelgood are just a few of the acts that started out in Southend. The people there are spoilt, really! And they like us.

That makes us proud!

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