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Another Woodman, another Jinx!

… but all’s well that ends well!

After the sad story of The Woodman in Halstead, Essex, we did our first-ever gig at The Woodman, Dartford, Kent. We got there nice and early, well, not quite. 3 of us did. Meanwhile, Jeff’s car broke down! Chris went back with Mark for him, Vince and Dave got the PA and bass amp in place and connected. But you know how it is with drummers… takes all day to set up! Anyway we got going around 9:45 and played through without a break. And it was worth it. We’d like to thank Toni, the Pub Manager, for her patience, and we hope to be back there in the future! And the Dartford Scooterists for their support whenever we’re in that part of the world!

We’d like to give a special mention to John and Wendy, without whom we’d not have got there in the first place, as Vince is unable to drive at present following an eye operation.

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