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Clouseau’s Bar, Westcliff-on-Sea

A fun night in Clouseau’s bar in Westcliff/Southend. We seem to get a lot of gigs in that neck of the woods, and maybe it’s because the Southend area has been the home of Pub Rock for longer than anyone can remember. Joe Brown was discovered in a pub in Southend, as were Procol Harum, Kursaal Flyers, Wilko Johnson & Dr. Feelgood, Eddie and the Hot Rods, etc etc. As a genre, Pub-Rock covers everything from punk, soul, mod, rock, country but with one thing constant: bands playing small intimate pub venues.


They don’t come much more intimate than Clouseau’s bar. The stage was so narrow that Jeff’s drums took up the full width (fortunately there was an exit door behind him), and the rest of us set up in front of him, with the PA speakers on the floor in front of the stage. The bar itself is narrow, but you know something? We’ve seen fewer people in some much larger locations, and it was more than made up for by a packed house, and an enthusiastic audience. A couple of times we had to take a step back while Kelly (the boss) and her bar staff provided the entertainment. It was a great night, we enjoyed it, and the crowd enjoyed it. For all the tightness on stage, we’d play there again, without a moment’s hesitation. We hope that they feel the same way about us.

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