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All’s well that ends well!!

The story of our gig for the East London Scooterist Night at Hornchurch, started the night before, Friday 17th, at the rehearsal rooms in Gerpins Lane, Rainham. After Dave’s bass amp cut out and in again a few times at Clouseau’s, right at the end of the gig, it didn’t seem a long term problem, we were in a small space, it was very hot, and there was little ventilation. It was a worry when it repeated the trick at the rehearsal rooms though. To cap it all, Chris’s guitar amp fused, and replacing the fuse just resulted in another blow. Obviously something wrong with the amp.

We borrowed a guitar amp from the rehearsal rooms, and, for the gig, Vince, our sound man, brought his bass amp for me! I also brought my foot pedal with Direct Injection so that the bass could be boosted via the PA, if needed. And it was just as well, because I couldn’t get the same level of sound out of Vince’s amp. So, we did a soundcheck, for the audience, and it was fine, and then Vince connected up the stage monitors, so we could hear ourselves, and ……. nothing! Not one, but two stage monitors decided that they weren’t playing!

The gig seemed jinxed! Panic ensued, as different configurations were tried, but in the end, we gave up. We decided to play without stage monitors. Anyway, what we heard on stage was far from perfect, but the acoustics of the room allowed us to hear enough to know what was going on. Most importantly, the balance in the audience-facing speakers was spot on (nice job, Vince!), and after a late start, we played a great gig, judging from the audience reaction.

We’d like to thank so many friends for turning up on the day. This added to our determination that the show must go on, and we hope we did them proud!

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