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About Collibosher

We are a sixties/mod/pub-rock group based in Dagenham, Essex. We formed in the second half of 2011. The group consists of  Chris Gladstone (guitar), Mick Purvis (drums, vocals) and brothers Mark and Dave Spagnol (lead vocals and bass/backing vocals).

Our musical style is based around 60s and 70s British Beat Music (The Kinks, The Who, Small Faces, The Jam, The Yardbirds etc), plus mod-revival and some pub-rock.

MarkMark Spagnol: Mark is the lead singer and fashion icon of the group. He is also an amateur thespian (that means actor, stop sniggering at the back!). He got the taste for singing after playing the role of Bertorelli  in the Wesley Players’ stage production of ‘Allo ‘Allo, when his rendition of “O Sole Mio” brought the house down – though only after he changed the words to “Just One Cornetto”.

DaveDave Spagnol: Mark’s big brother, in more ways than one, as Mark constantly points out to all and sundry. Despite his more advanced years, Dave still has hair on his head though. Plays bass and does backing vocals, which often produce a filthy look from Mark. Started playing bass at the age of 16 when he realised that his fingers were too fat and slow to control 6 strings. Often heard to mutter that the 4 strings on a bass are two too many!

Chris Gladstone: Played in a group with Dave some years back, which never saw the light of day. Also at the time knew Mark through his day job. Experienced both as a rhythm and lead guitarist, has developed a style which really fits in with what we do, he rarely plays out and out rhythm, nor does he play out and out lead. In fact, sometimes we wonder what he’s doing! Still, we keep him on in the hope that one day we might finally figure it out.

mick-purvis01And, on drums, we have Mick Purvis. What can we say about Mick? We put out an ad for a new drummer, after our last one left. And along came the reply: “Michael Purvis, at your service”. He’s really getting on well with us in rehearsal. After just one gig at the Cherry Tree, some of our regular followers were telling Chris, Dave and Mark that our new drummer is much better than the previous one. We honestly don’t know how much that cost him in bribes!


One comment on “ABOUT

  1. valerie donovan
    30 October 2012

    very good

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