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New Bookings at The Woodman and more…

Toni, the manager of The Woodman in Dartford, has given us two more gigs, one on 15th August and one for Hallowe’en on 31 October. After the previous gig there, … Continue reading

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Now on

We are now connected to Bands In Town, another place were you can find out when and where we are playing. It won’t have more info than our “Forthcoming Gigs” page, but it has the means to notify you of gigs rather than you coming here to look!

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Clouseau’s Bar, Westcliff-on-Sea

A fun night in Clouseau’s bar in Westcliff/Southend. We seem to get a lot of gigs in that neck of the woods, and maybe it’s because the Southend area has … Continue reading

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Couldn’t “Spread Eagle” far but great gig!

We expected to be playing over three sessions, starting 8pm, and had the sets arranged to do that, but when we arrived, we were told it would be 9pm, as … Continue reading

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Fun afternoon in Bexleyheath

We played the gig for Lylah’s Legacy, a local charity. We were supposed to play from 3:30-4:30 but there were logistical problems with the changeover from the previous band, so … Continue reading

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Another Woodman, another Jinx!

… but all’s well that ends well! After the sad story of The Woodman in Halstead, Essex, we did our first-ever gig at The Woodman, Dartford, Kent. We got there … Continue reading

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Great gigs under our belt!

After our long lay-off, it was great to have two gigs, on 14th and 27th March. The gig at The Plough in Westcliff (Southend) on Sea was a great occasion, … Continue reading

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They all come along at once!

As we reported, we’ve had a lean time of it since last September, but we had the two gigs coming up in March. Well now we seem to have a … Continue reading

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Coming through a difficult year

2014 was not the best year for us. With the operation on Chris Gladstone’s hand, we had to use deputy guitarists. It’s not that they weren’t good, in fact they were … Continue reading

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