Putting the fun back into live music!

The Woodman – first and last gig!

The Woodman, Colchester Road, Halstead, Essex. A bit of a drive and a very late return home, but it was worth it! But the joy we experienced at the wonderful … Continue reading

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Gigs Cancelled

One of the problems you get in a band is that you are expected to be available, and once you say you’ll do a gig, then you’ll do it! However … Continue reading

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Collibosher is BACK!

It has been a frustrating time, just the odd gig with a deputy guitarist. They are great guitarists, but we have our own style, and so getting Chris back following his … Continue reading

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Welcome Back!

This Sunday, 1st June, at 3pm, we say “Welcome Back” to our guitarist Chris. He had an operation last year on his hand, and has not been able to play … Continue reading

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Our Big Day Out in Southend!

Another great day out for us. But a knackering one that’s for sure. It started at 10:30am at the Cherry Tree, getting the stuff into a van we’d managed to … Continue reading

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Late start at Fiddlers Elbow

We eventually had a great time on Saturday, but it was touch and go at one point. The problem with being part-timers is that you have a day job. And … Continue reading

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What a weekend!

Sometimes you have weekends that are so full that you wonder where you got the energy from. For us, it’s easy, we like playing. So on Saturday, 29th June, we … Continue reading

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Dave’s Bass mod!

Not “mod” as mods and rockers, but modification. Dave writes: I’ve never really been satisfied with the sound of my bass guitar. I was blaming the amplifier for a lot … Continue reading

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Great Night in Chelmsford

Last night we played the British Legion Club, Broomfield, Chelmsford. We were the last band on and after we arrived we caught the end of the first act Get-Go. They … Continue reading

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