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Skamouth Videos

These videos were released via our Advent Calendar. The page has been updated with the name of each song linked added to the dates they were released. Or if you want to see all 21 tracks from the gig, just click on the following playlist.

From our Rehearsal, 24th July 2016

Our gig at the Cherry Tree, 3rd July 2016

This link is to a playlist.

Videos starring our previous drummer, Jeff Moon

Three videos to show you, recorded live at The Woodman, Halstead, Essex, on 15th August 2014. Sadly, The Woodman closed on 25th August. Many thanks to Kerry Stubbs for “You Really Got Me”.

You Really Got Me

The Butterfly Collector

Midnight to Six Man

Three videos, recorded on 29th June 2013.

We were recorded off the mixing console at the 2013 Billericay Beer Festival. There were skips in the sound, one in each song. We were not videoed, so we’ve added some stills of us for the first, and some sixties images for the second, and suitable ones for Eton Rifles! We managed to find repeated bits of the parts of the songs that were skipped, and repair them! Can you find the joins?

There’s a Ghost in my House

The Kids Are All Right

Eton Rifles

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