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December 15

This is a favourite song of ours. We are only too aware that people who come to hear us play our favourite Britpop want to dance, so we don’t play too many slower ones, but this is an essential. The Butterfly Collector, an absolute masterpiece of songwriting by Paul Weller.

The subject matter had been covered by others, notably The Monkees “Star Collector” and Tony Joe White’s “Groupie Girl” in the sixties. There are various takes on who was being referred to, though most believe it was a woman who went under the name of “Soo Catwoman”, who was part of the Sex Pistols’ entourage to begin with, but tried to switch to The Jam as the Pistols’ star faded. Allegedly.

A question about tomorrow’s video: on which song by The Who were the backing vocals handled by The Ivy League and not Townshend and Entwistle?

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